In the northeastern part of the prefecture of Argolida is the ancient city of Epidaurus, which is famous for its ancient theater, built in 340 BC by the Argive architect Polykleitos the Younger. The theater of Epidaurus is known for its acoustics and aesthetics, while currently is believed the most well-preserved theater than others of his age.

The capacity reaches 15,000 viewers, while as to the material, it is made from limestone, which absorbs sound. In 1938, the first "modern performance" got place and the work was "Electra" by Sophocles starring Katina Paxos and Helen Papadakis. In 1955, the Epidaurus Festival was inaugurated which included performances at the ancient theater every summer. These are some historical information that you have to know about Ancient Epidaurus in order to come prepared for our excursion. Starting from Athens, we will be traveling to Corinth so as to arrive at the archaeological site of Ancient Epidaurus. During the summer we will be able to cool down in the blue waters of the Old Epidaurus.