If you are searching for a brief escape from the urban life, then the cities of Vravrona and Sounion are the appropriate destinations for you. With a backdrop of green fields, vineyards and olive trees on the one side and on the other the blue coastline of Evian, this is where the cult Temple of Artemis raises, connected with ancient myths around the person of Iphigenia.

Within 200 meters the Archaeological Museum is located, which presents to the visitors the history of Vravrona, the temple architecture and other important findings related to the cult of the goddess. Leaving the archaeological site of Vravrona we will move to the cape of Sounion, the southern tip of Attica. Historically, Sounion was an important strategic point, and from there the city - state of Athens controlled the sea passage of the Aegean Sea, Piraeus and the peninsula of Lavrion. Along with its geographical position, Sounion is especially famous for the Temple of Poseidon stands on the edge of the rocks. The cape is also well-known from the time of poet Homer speaking of the sanctity of space, while in the classical period Sounion was a busy destination. With the decline of the ancient religion, the sanctuary was abandoned and the church gradually ruined. Today, the surrounding area has been declared as a national park because of its environmental value.