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Nafplio will certainly be for you an attractive destination because of its proximity to Athens, but also thanks to its local character. A city with a rich history as it was the first capital of the Greek state during the period 1829-1833 and the location where Ioannis Kapodistrias was murdered. The diffused historic town atmosphere is confirmed by two castles: Palamidi, which is located at an altitude of 216 meters and is famous for the imprisonment of Theodoros Kolokotronis and the castle of Akronafplia (Its Kale).

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V.I.P. Transportation is now in Santorini Island

V.I.P. Transportation undertakes your comfortable transport on the island of Santorini and promises you relaxation and unforgettable vacations.

The morphology of Santorini is a result of volcanic activity of hundreds of thousands years. The settlements of the island have been built at the sea level, but the edges of the inner walls of the Caldera create the image of a huge colorful rock. From the top, you can manage the reconciliation of man with the wild and eerie nature.

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Ancient Olympia

In the green valley of the river Alpheus the most important temple of ancient times is located, the sanctuary of Olympia, which was dedicated to the father of the gods, Zeus. In that place where the beauty of nature and the religious sanctity were blend, the Olympic Games got appeared, an institution with nationwide radiation and glare from antiquity until today.

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Starting from Athens, two and a half hours are enough to get to the "navel of the earth." That’s how it is called in ancient times the Pan-Hellenic sanctuary of Delphi, where according to mythology two eagles of Zeus met from the ends of the universe to find the center of the world. The key provisions of the oracle drafted by the priestess Pythia, believed to have influenced important historical decisions associated with the Argonauts, the Trojan War and the founding of the Greek colonies.

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Ancient Epidaurus

In the northeastern part of the prefecture of Argolida is the ancient city of Epidaurus, which is famous for its ancient theater, built in 340 BC by the Argive architect Polykleitos the Younger. The theater of Epidaurus is known for its acoustics and aesthetics, while currently is believed the most well-preserved theater than others of his age.

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Just 80 km. away from Athens and 4 km. away from the Isthmus of Corinth, Loutraki is the ideal destination for a quick trip. Its name is due to the thermal baths, which gather every season thousands of visitors who are looking for their healing properties. It is said that thanks to these the Roman general Sulla was healed.

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The imposing Meteora rocks rising between the mountains Koziakas and Antichasion were the chosen part before 1000 years, where the monks created their faith. This eerie geological phenomenon continues today to provide each visitor with the necessary distance from the worldly life, giving peace of mind. The access to the Monasteries is managed not as old with ladders, but with stairs carved in the rocks to ensure the comfortable ascent of believers.

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Ancient Mycenae

The program of this tour is quite generous as it encompasses both tours to archaeological sites and short relaxation and recreation stops. Starting from Athens, our first stop will be to Corinth, where you can admire and photograph the Corinth Canal, a project implemented by the government of Charilaos Trikoupis.

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If you are searching for a brief escape from the urban life, then the cities of Vravrona and Sounion are the appropriate destinations for you. With a backdrop of green fields, vineyards and olive trees on the one side and on the other the blue coastline of Evian, this is where the cult Temple of Artemis raises, connected with ancient myths around the person of Iphigenia.

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