The imposing Meteora rocks rising between the mountains Koziakas and Antichasion were the chosen part before 1000 years, where the monks created their faith. This eerie geological phenomenon continues today to provide each visitor with the necessary distance from the worldly life, giving peace of mind. The access to the Monasteries is managed not as old with ladders, but with stairs carved in the rocks to ensure the comfortable ascent of believers.

Of the twenty-four monasteries today six are only operated while the other fifteen are uninhabited and dilapidated. There we will meet wonderful frescoes iconographic programs, relics and treasures miniatures that preserve reverently monastic heritage. Starting from Athens, we will follow a straight path to Kalambaka with stopovers to Lamia, Domokos and Trikala. Given that our excursion will last four and a half hours, there will be a brief stop at Domokos for a coffee or optionally dining in Kalambaka and get to know the local gastronomy.