Starting from Athens, two and a half hours are enough to get to the "navel of the earth." That’s how it is called in ancient times the Pan-Hellenic sanctuary of Delphi, where according to mythology two eagles of Zeus met from the ends of the universe to find the center of the world. The key provisions of the oracle drafted by the priestess Pythia, believed to have influenced important historical decisions associated with the Argonauts, the Trojan War and the founding of the Greek colonies.

Somewhere between history and myth, we will roll our day trip with tourist resorts the Temple of Apollo, the Sacred Way, the Ancient Stadium and Theatre and finally the Archaeological Museum. The route before reaching the final destination will cover the areas of the Castle of Livadia and Arachova, where you can enjoy optionally a coffee in the picturesque cobbled streets or to taste the local traditional dishes. Finally, for those who are interested to experience something from the Byzantine period in our archaeological path, we can spend a few hours exploring the Monastery of St Luke* in Boeotia. The buildings of the complex, built in the 10th and 11th century AD impress because of their architectural design and the rich interior decoration. The intact natural landscape and the Christian reverence of space will offer precious moments of escape from the urban life. * This additional visit costs 50 € on the original price.