In the green valley of the river Alpheus the most important temple of ancient times is located, the sanctuary of Olympia, which was dedicated to the father of the gods, Zeus. In that place where the beauty of nature and the religious sanctity were blend, the Olympic Games got appeared, an institution with nationwide radiation and glare from antiquity until today.


The year-origins of the Olympic Games was 776 BC and they were held every four years. In 394 AD the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius I banned the Olympic institution because it was considered pagan. Within the sacred Temple of Ancient Olympia there is the gold and ivory statue of Zeus hew by Pheidias, which was considered in antiquity one of the seven wonders of the world. As you understand, within the sanctity climate and the athletic ideal our excursion will be rolled, whose starting point is Athens. Our next stops will be at Corinth, Tripoli and Kyparissia where we will have the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee or meet the traditional flavors of the region in a local tavern. Finally, in our trip we could move to the central Peloponnese and more specifically on the west Gortynia where in a green environment are the spas Iraias, which will give you assured moments of comfort and relaxation.