Nafplio will certainly be for you an attractive destination because of its proximity to Athens, but also thanks to its local character. A city with a rich history as it was the first capital of the Greek state during the period 1829-1833 and the location where Ioannis Kapodistrias was murdered. The diffused historic town atmosphere is confirmed by two castles: Palamidi, which is located at an altitude of 216 meters and is famous for the imprisonment of Theodoros Kolokotronis and the castle of Akronafplia (Its Kale).

Opposite the main port, we can see the small fortress Bourtzi, built on a rocky island. Inside the city we will also meet restored mansions, the cobbled Syntagma Square, the Archaeological Museum and the Old Mosque. Of course, among these historical tiles there is also the modern part of the city, consisting of renewed cafeterias and restaurants. Before we get to Nafplion we will have the opportunity to park in Corinth so as to take some pictures of the Isthmus. In this stop during the summer months, we will have the opportunity to meet some of the nearby beaches of the Peloponnese.